Extra services!

Check out our extra services below!

If you are looking to sign up for distribution/label. Please go to the Sign Up page.

As an artist we know that you thrive on making sure that you music stays your music, so we're offering YouTube Content ID at no additional cost to you! We only require that you have EXCLUSIVE rights to the instrumental(s) used and your license agreement to prove that you do in fact have the license to put you song thru YouTube's content ID system.

Do you have a music video that you want to be put onto VEVO(and be monetized)? Well look no further! We'll get your music video onto VEVO for you! All we require is a $35.99 fee to set up a channel if it is your first time and we'll let you know how much money you need to distribute if you already have a VEVO channel.

This services is included with music distribution. We will monetize your song and distribute it to soundcloud so you can recieve money everytime there is an ad that plays before you song!